Saturday, March 19, 2011

It's a poem not a joke!

If I am given the chance, I want to be with you.
talking, telling stories,laughing.
but if it is given a choice.
but sometimes not all we want is to be achieved.

sometimes we are not the same table,
your time with friends is different with my time.
why should we respect each other.

if you want to bark, it is not fair.
The only important one,
that we trust each other.

If anger appears it is difficult,
Posted difficult to stabilize.
start sulking, silent, sad.
should not have arisen in the self.

when I'm lonely, you accompany me,
so do you.
we need each Others.
yes, it's true.
Because each of we
understand what is at heart!

Haha, mende yang aku mengarut nie. Pape pun ni sume sumber incik google.
Kalau tak mahu 2 3 jam aku bizi memikirkan camane nak translate.
Terbaek wOOOOOKKKK!! (:

2 pengkomen:

hatim hernandez said...

dear.i like this poem lah.
it is suit to us.cewahh!speaking lak..adoi

♥♥LannaMimie♥♥ said...

haha, comel kan.